• Provincial Road Improvement Project (ADB Assisted)


Advisor To CM For C&W

Communication and Works Department has been in the vanguard to translate practically on the ground the wishes, desires and dreams of the people. It is the working limb of the government, which implements the development agenda of the popular executive for the benefit of the people at gross root level. The public sector projects transpire the economic might of a polity and indicate its commitment towards the ultimate destiny of a nation. more...

Mr. Riaz Khan

Secretary C&W

It is an uphill task for a spending department to earn public appreciation and Communication and Works Department has been experiencing this dilemma, as well. It is very laudable that the department has embarked upon the much needed task of muscle building to enhance its capacity, vitality and capability to handle its functions, efficiently. The planners, designers and Engineers need to grasp latest technology and innovation to make their service more...

Engr. Ejaz Hussain Ansari

Project Director (PRIP)

Welcome to PRIP,
I feel immensely pleased and honoured to talk about the collaborative project of Roads in KPK. The purpose of this project is to bring a network of standardized “Quality Roads” across the province into existence. We have materialized our valued project by formulating a long-term and sustainable relationship with the people of KPK.I would like to thank our community and partners for all the trust they have in our abilities, capacities and performance.

Engr. Muhammad Tariq